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Today’s homeowner has so many choices for their kitchen tops that it makes it so hard to choose. Choices of countertop materials can be synthetic glass, cement, laminate, plastics, ceramic tiles, engineered stone, and others in which most cases these suppliers are trying to make a product that looks like natural stone. Even in Natural stone there are choices such as granite, marbles, slates, soapstone’s, limestone’s, and stone tiles. Granite is usually in today’s market a good bet to buy and use and runs in the 35% to 45% of demand by most buyers. The advantages of using granite are numerous and being a natural stone, the variation in color, makes veining, and movement makes each top unique.

Buyers in many cases find granite easy to maintain and will even put their hot plates right from the oven on top of the stone, not necessarily recommended but in any other product you would never consider this. Other advantage of granite is that the stone is a green product which means it is eco-friendly and recyclable. It always feels cool to the touch as it does not transmit heat and is a good insulation product. It adds dollar value to the home and color that no other product can offer. Nothing is better than granite for kitchen tops and it is so hard to scratch or mar. The stone does require some minimal maintenance and should be cleaned right after use with soft soap and water. Care for the tops just like you would a beautiful mahogany table top and it will last the homeowner forever. Products are out there either in liquid form or in paper type products to clean the stone and maintain it and seal it regularly. Anyone can maintain a granite top if given the facts.

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