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Wall cladding has now become fairly popular both in residential and commercial projects. Apart from protecting the walls, cladding also boosts the décor of any interior or exterior space. A number of materials, including tiles and natural stones, are extensively used to serve the purpose all over the world. Available in an array of designs, textures and color palettes.

cladding scenario has changed a lot in the recent times and numerous materials like natural stones, wood, aluminum, metal and un plasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) are now commercially available as cladding material. Natural stones like granite, marble and sandstone have also gained immense popularity across the world for a variety of construction purposes, including wall cladding. A true admirer of natural stone can easily get the one by contacting any of the leading natural stone manufacturers and exporters.

Usually, one or more advantages or disadvantages are associated with each of these materials that sometimes help you choose the one that suits you the best. These materials are directly installed on the exterior frame and internal walls of the building, which nullifies the scope of painting and finishing.

Exterior Wall Cladding: 

This is about applying a material over the original structural material of wall. It provides protection from rough weather conditions like snow, rain, heat and wind, and at the same time, adds some value and elegance to the property. The specific design and functionality of a cladding material offers insulation to the building and reduces transmission of sound through the walls. Moreover, high-quality cladding products are capable of absorbing heat and don’t allow it to pass through walls; thus keep the internal temperature of the building uniform. This in turn also helps in reducing carbon footprint and overall energy cost. So, if chosen carefully, cladding offers protection from harsh environmental conditions, stains, fading and scratches along with value addition to the building and increasing the life of structure.

Interior Wall Cladding:

Gone are the days when wallpapers and paints were the only available options to accentuate internal walls. Presently, a variety of materials like Granite, Marble, Stone, Quartz and ceramics are available for internal cladding. With beautiful designs and color combinations, internal cladding gives a creative touch to the interior décor. Believe it or not, the interior of any house truly represents the personality and taste of the owner of the same; hence choosing the right material can also help in bringing a lot of admiration from the onlookers. In addition to adding charm to your interiors, wall cladding makes the space look stylish, sophisticated and at times, spacious as well.

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